The Time-Starved Family
Helping Overloaded Families Focus on What Matters Most

Youíre busy. Your spouse is busy. Your children are busy. So when do you find time to spend together as a family? Is it possible to foster individual interests and talents in your children while still focusing on the things that will bring you the greatest rewards as a family?

As a mother of seven children, DeAnne Flynn has experienced firsthand the challenge of staying balanced in a world where jam-packed calendars have taken a huge toll on family time. The sixteen practical ideas in this book will help families break out of the hectic, overscheduled, under-connected way of life that has become the norm for both parents and children. Her sensible and realistic approach will help relieve anxiety, encourage self-reliance in kids, and restore order and simplicity to daily family life. Isnít it time to refocus your energy on the best choices for your family?

  • “'The Time-Starved Family' is a wonderful collection of timeless, tested parenting principles and truths. The overall premise of helping our families prepare to meet God is the crutch to why DeAnne’s philosophies and instruction actually work.  Thanks for reminding us all what matters most so we can begin, or keep practicing, these suggestions to maximize our precious time together as a family!”

       Wendee Truman (4 children)
       Nashville, Tennessee

  • “As a mother, a lawyer and an author myself, I enjoyed DeAnne’s style of candor, honesty, humor, with limited fluff.  She presented some realistic goals to help all families who struggle with being too BUSY, the acronym for 'Being Under Satan's Yoke'. Families today are being forced to re-analyze and re-evaluate how they spend their most scarce commodity- ...time.  Very valuable insight and suggestions.”  

       Kimberly J. Brasher (7 children)
       Edmond, Oklahoma

  • "It's so nice to be reminded of the things we need to be doing to achieve our ultimate goal: eternal life. I needed that reminder. This book is so easy to read and interesting, with lots of funny, true stories to illustrate the points. It was uplifting and inspiring, -- a really great read!"

       Ingrid Campbell (2 children)
       Laredo, TX

  • “As a grandmother who is still raising teenagers, I often ponder the things I would repeat and the things I would redo.  With a sprinkling of humor, affirmations, and course corrections for my parenting-in-progress, DeAnne's book defines what I have learned in the trenches of parenthood:  what is wise, what will work, and what to leave by the wayside. I enjoyed it so much that I gave it to all of my daughters-in-law as they begin their own families.”

       Martsie Webb (6 children, 4 grandchildren)
       Holladay, Utah

  •  “I have watched DeAnne raise an amazing family of happy, thoughtful, helpful children.  Her book reflects her parenting style, which is lighthearted, loving and goal oriented.  Definitely worth reading.  I want to get one for every young mother I love!"

       Carol Hinckley (grandmother of 18)
       Orem, Utah

  • “I can't overstate how much I loved your book. My mom gave it to me at the perfect time, and I devoured it. Your personality is so much like mine, you're perfect for giving me credible advice and inspiring me at the same time. I feel like I don't have to sacrifice ballet or music or academics to find a balance if I just keep your ideas in mind. You have inspired me to evaluate and reevaluate whether I have the energy for what really matters, and whether I'm teaching my children that the Gospel comes first. I know how energetic and ambitious you are, and also how spiritual you are at the core, and I therefore place incredible value on your book. Thanks for paving the way for me. You are an inspiration!”

       Circe King Dopp (6 children)
       Kaysville, UT 

  • “What a wonderful book! I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed it. I will definitely be getting one for each of my little families. It covers so many basic understandings that are slowly evaporating from home life. It is amazing to think how these simple reminders can strengthen families. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing this little masterpiece with all of us.”

       Shari Sanders (6 children, 13 grandchildren)
       Orem, UT 

  • “DeAnne can really turn a phrase. Her personal stories are wonderful & give a glimpse into her life. DeAnne's words inspired me to be and do better and I found myself reading with a high-lighter in hand. Awesome!!!”

       Sally Timmons (3 children)
       Salt Lake City, UT 

  • “(The Time-Starved Family) is full of common sense information and good advice. You can read it and get a lot from it...I want to sing DeAnne's praises. 'Cause she did what she set out to do. She didn't just start, she didn't just stew, she sat down and researched and interviewed and wrote and read and edited and asked others to edit and in the end...She did it. And I'm proud of her for it. Way to go you super mom! Way to go you super journalist! Thanks for finishing, and for sharing what you learned with the rest of us.”

       Katie Graham (6 children)
       Flower Mound, TX 

  • “This is such a great book! The author really has a sense of what 'real' families are going through. She is a mother of 7 who has been in the trenches, and now has some practical and easy advice for us all. AND I LOVE HER STORIES. I cried when I read the Nutcracker story. Every mother has been there and felt the guilt and turmoil over letting your child down. This book motivated me to be better and since each one of the 16 ideas are simple and 'no brainers' we can each benefit from this book.”

       Robin Schick (3 children)
       Salt Lake City, UT 

  • “What a great book! DeAnne understands families today so well. Her ideas make sense and can be easily applied. This book makes the complexities of managing opportunities for kids and family life seem more simple ... and simplicity is what so many of us are seeking now!”

       Tracy Overy (2 children)
       Cottonwood Heights, UT 

  • “As a mother of 3 young children I am constantly searching for answers on how to raise happy and well balanced children. Before I actually had children I had little idea why my friends with children always seemed so incredibly busy. Five years later I get it...I am trying to run my household while involving my kids in school, piano lessons, sports, dance classes, singing lessons, play dates and now I find that I am running around feeling very out of control. This is why I am so appreciative to find this great book. I appreciate the advice a wise mother of 7 children has to offer a mother-in -training like myself. I appreciate DeAnne for sharing the things she has learned. This book was fun to read and I am excited to implement the things I have learned and then share this book with my friends.”

       Andrea Clarke (3 children)
       Salt Lake City, UT 

  • “I LOVED The Time Starved Family! My husband even read it. He and I have had a lot of neat discussions about the principles in this book, and as we’ve started to apply some of Deanne’s ideas, we’re already seeing improvement in our young family!”

       Natalynn Hepworth

  • “Upon reading this book, I immediately purchased more copies to give to my daughters and several young friends who are busy mothers trying to do it all. I remember what it was like. To make changes within a large family is not an easy task and as Sister Flynn shows us it takes cooperation of the parents first and then the children to bring this about. I liked her way of suggesting by showing what worked in her family. Life is all about looking around, gathering ideas and then implementing what we think will bring us closer to our objectives. The times in which we live leave no room for procrastination. I think you should read this book today.”

       Ann Marie Van Blankenstein (mother and grandmother)
       Woodland, WA 

  • “As a mother of eight, I can really relate to this great book of Deanne's. I laughed and cried as I read the stories and experiences she wrote about. I really appreciated the scriptural reminders that help us keep our feet firmly planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. There truly is nothing more important than teaching our children in our homes.This is a great book to read for those who have young children and for those who are already caught up in a crazy schedule. We too, cut out some things in our busy lives and it has really helped. Thanks Deanne for your great book. I loved it and have shared it with family and friends.”

       Annette Kirk Horman (8 children)
       Salt Lake City, UT 

  • “The title of Deanne Flynn's book, 'Time Starved Family' hits at the heart of its relevant message. Deanne Flynn has a way of digging deep into the pitfalls of harried and over scheduled family lives that we too often find ourselves in. Her personal and supporting stories perfectly and humorously illustrate her premise that Satan is indeed distracting families from the plain and simple foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. "Time Starved Family" is a courageous expose on this important issue and one that rings loud and true in today's culture. We must learn to sift through our family priorities and 'choose the better part.'”

       Bonnie Wilcox (4 children)
       Jackson, WY 

  • “A quick read, full of many ideas for the busy family that does not have much time to enjoy a book on improving family life. If applied, the ideas can make the busy family pattern a thing of the past. Thanks for giving us this tool that can help us reach our true family goals!”

       Barbara Bailey (4 children)
       San Jose, CA 

  • “I would definitely recommend reading 'The Time Starved Family.' DeAnne Flynn has become my true friend and spiritual hero.”

       Kimberly Waters (2 children)
       Charlotte, SC 

  • “...a quick witted book from a mother of 7. She learned first hand how to nurture individuality while strengthening family unity- all with busy schedules. This author is inventive in her ideas, realistic in her goals, and understanding of what mothers go through. There are 16 ideas suggested to get a family not just surviving but thriving. Eating dinner together, you modeling controlled behavior, and knowing when to say 'no' are three of them. Other ideas include delegating tasks through mini family councils and learning to let kids fall so they can learn how to get up...A quick read with practical ideas on how to refocus and make time for who you care about most. It made me realize that if I am not making time for my kids, they are on the road to not making time for theirs.”

       Jen Brown (3 children)

  • “This book is great! It gives clear directions that all young families would be smart to establish in their homes before they fall into the over-scheduling trap. But even for families already burdened by over-scheduling, it provides common-sense suggestions for a ‘way-out.’ DeAnne’s willingness to share her failures and what she learned from them, as well as her successes, makes this a practical, motivational guide to improving my home and family life. If she can do it – so can I!”

       Robin Stevenson (3 children)
       Valencia, CA 

  • “I found this book to be not only informative and life changing but down right fun to read! With DeAnne Flynn’s hysterical style and ability to taught at life’s insane pace and busyness, mothers everywhere will be lead to find where they can cut back and change, so that the essentials of love and peace can be returned to our families.”

       Judi Bourne (5 children)
       Salt Lake City, Utah

  • “This book, in conjunction with much prayer, has really helped center my focus and perspective back to where it needs to be. Thank you to DeAnne Flynn for listening to the spirit and being so inspired to write this book. I know it could not have been a small feat to put together such a wonderful tool that will benefit so many women in the years to come. I already have several friends reading this book. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders by prioritizing my 'balance.' I respect this author on many levels and feel as if I became her friend by reading her book. Heavenly Father has communicated to me through this book, and I'm glad I listened to that small voice and purchased it at a Time Out for Women event. It has saved me months, if not years of regret. I'm sure I will re-read it again several times when I need a reminder of why I am here on this earth and what I need to be doing FIRST.”

       Cece Domingos (2 children)
       Miami, Florida

  • “DeAnne, I couldn't wait any longer to express my appreciation for the outstanding example you are to LDS women, and to thank you for writing such a wonderful book! It has blessed many lives, including ours...”

       Virginia Wheeler (26 grandchildren)
       Cupertino, California

  • “DeAnne, I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at Time out for Women in Phoenix. It was just what I needed to hear. I bought your book and enjoyed reading it. It had some great thoughts that made me realize I was doing some things well and others I needed to work on. My family isn't too sure about some of my new ideas, but they will catch on. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and being so honest. You are making a difference in the lives of mothers.”

       Kathy Erikson (5 children)
       Idaho Falls, Idaho 

  • “Deanne, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you 'thank you' for your wonderful presentation at 'Time Out for Women' a few weeks ago. When you spoke, you addressed so many things that I have been feeling and struggling with. I immediately jumped up after your talk and bought your book and read the whole thing in the airport and on the plane all the way home. I have a renewed commitment to do better at home, manage my time more efficiently, and focus on the 'essentials'. Thank you for being there, and thank you for your sweet talk. I know Heavenly Father put me in that place to hear you and help me to know I am not alone.”

       Ann Smith (4 children and 1 grandchild)
       Salt Lake City, Utah 

  • “'The Time-Starved Family' is a must-read for mothers! As we raise our children, DeAnne Flynn reminds us to put spiritual-development before talent-development, for this is the key to having a balanced and happy family. I continue to help my four children develop their talents, but I am focusing much more attention on developing our family relationships and spirituality...And our family is 'thriving, not just surviving.' Thanks DeAnne!”

       Jenny Oaks Baker (4 children)

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